To really "take back control" of UK fisheries, we must treat fishing rights as a public resource

Griffin Carpenter is an environmental economist at the New Economics Foundation. He writes for SERA  arguing that fishing quotas should be reallocated with some of the quota allocated based on social and environmental criteria to benefit our marine environment   Continue reading

If the Conservatives were serious about the environment they would call a halt to badger culls

Andrew Coles is a West Oxfordshire District Councillor for Witney Central. The conservative government are considering extending its Badger cull to Oxfordshire. Andrew argues if the Tories really were serious about the environment they would halt the cull Continue reading

SERA's submission to the Labour Party Democracy Review

SERA co-chairs Melanie Smallman and Jake Sumner write SERA's submission to the Labour Party Democracy Review explaining the unique, long and ongoing relationship SERA and Labour have in tackling some of the most important issues of our time.  Continue reading

Reporting back on Manchester's Green Summit

Lydia Meryll, SERA executive member and trustee of Manchester Environmental Education Network (MEEN) took a leading role in the formation and organisation of a groundbreaking Green Summit hosted by Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham. She reports back on a day that saw the wind turbine turning towards a world-leading zero-carbon city.  Mayor Andy Burnham thanking supporters including SERA Continue reading

"Future generations will judge us harshly for ignoring the dire consequences of Brexit on our environment" - Clare Moody MEP

Clare Moody MEP and National Chair of the Labour Movement for Europe (LME) writes for SERA with her concerns on the impact of Brexit on the Environment and Climate change.  Continue reading

Jobs and Climate Conference Report

On Saturday 10 March a new Trade Union conference took place 'Planning for a Future which doesn't cost the Earth' organised by the Campaign against Climate Change Trade Union Group. Graham Petersen of the Greener Jobs Alliance reports back on a successful event.  Continue reading

The Government must introduce air quality report findings to halt "public health emergency"

SERA welcomes the joint Commons select committee report imploring the Government to act on UK air quality. The Government must listen. Phillip Fenton, SERA's National Organiser has his say.    Continue reading

A Just Transition to a Zero Carbon Future: Transforming our economy and society together

Joint Fringe meeting with WWF Scotland at Scottish Labour Conference Dundee March 10th 2018 Continue reading

The Value and Importance of moorland management

Alex Ross-Shaw is a Councillor and Executive Member for Regeneration, Planning and Transport on Bradford City Council. He is taking part in the Yorkshire and Humber Labour Conference taking place on Saturday 10 March, find out more here. In this article Alex talks about the value moorlands hold and why they must be managed to ensure their future, using the example of the much loved Ilkley Moor in Ilkley, Bradford Continue reading

SERA Labour Government Conference Clean Air Fringe

Local Labour Leadership and Clean Air - the health crisis of our times 13.00 on Saturday 3rd February, at the East Midlands Conference Centre, University Park, University of Nottingham NG7 2RJ   Continue reading

Hackney's Clean Energy Revolution

Rather than wait for national government to turn rhetoric into action, Labour local governments across the UK are getting on with the radical action needed to tackle climate change. Here, Cllr Jon Burke explains how Hackney's driving an ambitious shift to clean energy. Continue reading

SERA named 'Socialist Society of the Year'

SERA wins the prestigious award at the 2017 Labour Excellence Awards, organised by SME4Labour. Continue reading