Looking for a SERA speaker?

Looking for a speaker to talk about the environment, climate change and social justice?

SERA is keen to talk at Labour meetings and events about Labour and the environment, what communities can do locally, and SERA's work and campaigns. Members of SERA's Executive Committee regularly speak at CLP meetings, ward meetings, public debates and events.

If you're interested in having a SERA speaker at your event/meeting, please email [email protected] with details of your meeting, including the following:

a) Potential date and time
b) Location
c) Other speakers (confirmed or invited)
d) Length/nature of contribution (i.e. presentation, debate, informal discussion)


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  • Sally Starbuck
    commented 2020-01-20 15:08:46 +0000
    Grow connections with The Cooperative Party- for too long in Labour’s shadow?
  • Sheelah Goldsmith
    commented 2018-07-16 16:45:17 +0100
    I am delighted to find out about SERA! Having moved from the Green party to Labour, when Jeremy Corbyn became the Labour Leader, not because I do not support the Greens, but because I agree with Labour policy and think that under Jeremy Corbyn, Labour can be a hope- filled and effective governemnt which will embrace the urgent need to fight climate change because its whole reason for being is to LOOK AFTER THE PEOPLE, THE MANY AND THE FEW,. I have twice spoken personally to Jeremy Corbyn about it and he is KEEN! MY Truro and Falmouth CLP have now created an new executive post of Officer in Charge of Environmental Issues, which is held by myself and another ex- Green. We wish to bring Green issues to the fore and encourage activism against pollution of all kinds, , and raise awareness of the dangers of fossil fuels, and the potential for local renewable energy production to fight climate change , create lots of jobs, cut down energy loss in transit over long distances, side step the way that centralisede energy production is a good target for terrorists to aim at, and bring about independence from foreign suppliers and greedy private energy suppliers.