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Bridging the Social and Environmental Movements since 1973

At SERA, we believe that tackling environmental problems is key to delivering opportunity and fairness. From climate change to community energy, waste to transport, SERA is interested in the most important environmental and social challenges facing Britain – challenges that only Labour administrations can tackle.


50th Anniversary Celebrations at Labour Conference

The year's Labour Conference that begins on Saturday (7th October 2023) will mark 50 years since Labour’s Environment Campaign was founded. 

To mark this special occasion, we will be continuing to set the labour movement’s green agenda by holding our largest Fringe Programme ever in our very own Labour Environment Hub marquee. We look forward to seeing those of you at Conference there and throughout conference. 

You will also be able to watch a livestream page on our Facebook and YouTube.

Check out our twitter @serauk for our events, topics, timing, and speakers.

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Conference Motion 2023: Investing in critical infrastructure to tackle climate change and the cost of living crisis.

In the past few years, the motions we have submitted have made a major impact in shaping Labour’s policy offer to the British people, including last year when we proposed the Climate Crisis motion that unanimously supported. This year's motion has been accepted by the Conference Arrangements Committee and placed in the “Water Pollution” group of motions. If you are attending Conference as a delegate, we hope you will vote for Water Pollution in the priorities ballot on Sunday afternoon and encourage any other delegates you know to do the same.

The Motion Reads:

Investing in critical infrastructure to tackle the climate change and cost of living crises, increase energy security and end the water pollution scandal

Conference notes:

That UK households are now paying £5bn extra every year because Tories “cut the green crap” – by not investing in insulation and decarbonising our energy system.

The Tories allow water companies to pollute our rivers, lakes, and seas with effluence daily - whilst neglecting our vital water infrastructure. At the same time, they’ve allowed shareholders to walk away with billions in dividends as rewards for failure.

Conference believes:

Only Labour is committed to tackling climate change by phasing out dependence on fossil fuels and implementing policies to speed the energy transition which offers the quickest route to bringing down energy bills, increase energy security and stimulate the creation of good, new unionised jobs in the energy and other new growth sectors.

Only Labour is committed to ensuring adequate investment in new water infrastructure to prevent pollution, decrease leaks, and increase our resilience to extreme climate events.

Conference resolves:

Labour’s manifesto must offer energy and water infrastructure policies that can win the support of the British people and restore our reputation around the world, including:

  • An enhanced national energy grid system supporting the rapid scale-up of onshore and offshore renewables.
  • The establishment of a Clean Energy Alliance to bring down energy bills, increase energy security, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions globally.
  • Establish a National Commission to review the long-term structure, funding, and regulation of the water industry in England, ensuring that, as our climate changes, our water supplies, quality, and low bills are secure for current and future generations.