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Bridging the Social and Environmental Movements since 1973

At SERA, we believe that tackling environmental problems is key to delivering opportunity and fairness. From climate change to community energy, waste to transport, SERA is interested in the most important environmental and social challenges facing Britain – challenges that only Labour administrations can tackle.

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    How Labour can make Britain a climate leader again and build a global green economy

    Eduardo Goncalves is editor of Green Future News and founder of the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting. He was International Communications Director of The Climate Group at the time of the Paris Climate Summit, and is author of the WWF Guide to One Planet Living.  This article was originally published in SERA's New Ground, exclusive to SERA members. 
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    Chi Onwurah MP on delivering a just transition

    Chi Onwurah MP is Shadow Minister for Industrial Strategy, Science & Innovation, and Labour MP for Newcastle Upon Tyne Central. She tweets at @ChiOnwurah  This article originally appeared in SERA's publication New Ground, exclusive to SERA members Chi Onwurah MP at our Just Transition Roundtable with NUS and Green Jobs Alliance
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    Students championing sustainability

    The National Union of Students (NUS) representing over 600 student unions and millions of students and young people across the UK champions sustainability on and off campus. "The student movement in the UK has a long history of leading the way to create a better world, from electing the first black president of any national organisation in the UK, electing the first paid trans representative in Europe, or being the first national organisation to call for a ban on single-use plastic straws, the student movement has consistently been at the forefront of social change".  For more information about NUS’ sustainability work, including copies of the research mentioned in this article, please visit: This article originally appeared in SERA's publication New Ground, exclusive to SERA members.
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    Labour, tens years on from the Climate Change Act

    Bryn Kewley is advisor to Labour's Minister for Energy & Climate Change. He is a member of the SERA executive and tweets at @BrynKewley This article was originally printed in SERA's magazine New Ground, exclusive to SERA members.  
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    Time to wake up! Global emissions are still rising and the government remains complacent

    Barry Gardiner is Shadow Secretary of State for International Trade and Minister for International Climate Change. He is Labour MP for Brent North and tweets at @BarryGardiner. Barry's article originally featured in SERA's New Ground magazine exclusively to SERA members. 
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    "The rise of electromobility is an absolute priority for cleaning our dirty air. Frankly, a No Dear or Hard brexit is a clear and present danger to our work" - Oxford City Council's Environment lead

    Oxford City's Environment Lead Cllr Tom Hayes on EV's, British car manufacturing and Brexit. He argues it is critical that the UK has unfettered and permanent single market and customs union access, unhindered trade opportunities worldwide, and a means to recruit the very best overseas talent. That’s crucial for the 160,000-strong workforce that make up British car-making and last year exported 8 in 10 of the 1.7m cars manufactured. 5 in 10 of all UK-built vehicles were shipped to the EU—our biggest single trading region. Oxford's Labour Lord Mayor and Cllr Tom Hayes at Oxford's Electric Vehicle Summit
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