New Ground

New Ground is SERA's members' magazine, and publishes the best of new thinking on Labour and the environment, with contributions from SERA Members, MPs and activists on the biggest social and environmental challenges facing the UK. 

SERA members receive a copy of the magazine on publication - old editions are uploaded here, once the new copy is published.

New Ground Summer 2019 - Will be landing on SERA members doorsteps in August 2019

New Ground Winter 2018 - 10 Years of The Climate Change Act: Labour Leadership and Future Ambition 

New Ground Summer 2018 - How Plastics Got Political   

New Ground Autumn 2017 - The Green Challenges to come

New Ground Spring 2017 - Devolution - Making devolution work for climate change and the environment

New Ground Autumn 2016 - Brexit: What now for nature and climate change?

New Ground Spring 2016 - European Referendum Special: Why climate change and nature need Britain to stay in the EU

New Ground Autumn 2015 - Challenging times for climate change and the natural world

New Ground Spring 2015 - Election Special: Is this our last chance to save the planet?

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