Was it our Last Best Chance: International Left Perspectives Post COP26

In government Labour was a leading force internationally on climate change with John Prescott playing a central role in Kyoto and Ed Miliband in Copenhagen. The following year the Labour Government introduced the world's first Climate Change Act. Labour continues to urge rapid and comprehensive action now. The Labour Party is part of the family of centre-left parties that are committed to rapid and comprehensive action to address the climate and nature emergencies and to secure a just transition to net zero. For COP26, SERA: Labour's Environment Campaign, supported Open Labour and other parts of the Labour movement in hosting an event of centre left representatives from across the world to debate what is needed on climate and nature and what the COP must achieve. SERA is now supporting the follow up event.   SERA Executive member, Alex Sobel, is hosting a post COP26 event reflecting on what happened and what we have to do domestically and internationally ahead. The event brings together voices from across our sister parties, parliamentarians and activists around the world, for a panel event. It takes place on Thursday 9 December, 18.30-20.30 at the Fabian Society, 61 Petty France, SW1H 9EU. Confirmed speakers: Alex Sobel MP, Chair of UK Parliament Net Zero Group and Global Parliamentary Co-Rapporteur on COP26 Paul Sweeney MSP Melissa Hanus MP, Vice-chair of the Committee on Energy, Environment and Climate of the Chamber of Representatives of Belgium Marcelo Mena, Member of the Chilean delegation at COP26 and former Minister for the Chilean Presidency of Michelle Bachelet Invited Speakers: Senator Alice-Mary Higgins, Member of Irish Climate Action Committee Cedrick Frolick MP, Chair of the Oversight Committee in the National Assembly of Parliament for the Republic of South Africa   To sign up please follow the link here 


Join SERA for one of our largest programmes at the Labour Party Conference, which this year is being held in Brighton. Our programme is taking place over Sunday 26, Monday 27 and Tuesday 28 September, hosting leading voices across the Labour Party from Shadow Ministers to Labour Mayors and Labour local government leaders as well as climate and environmental bodies and campaigners. The events will focus on how we urgently need to address the climate crisis, what needs to happen in this, the year of COP26, and how we secure a fairer and greener recovery and a just transition.If you would like to watch any of our events from the 2021 conference, please follow the link to our YouTube channel where all events were live-streamed. Continue reading

SERA at Labour Connected

Join SERA at 'Labour Connected', this year's online conference in place of Labour Party Conference. We'll be hosting four events and some of the most important environmental champions in the Labour Party, in Westminster and across the country. Continue reading

SERA Online

Due to current social distancing measures, we have set up a series of virtual events which allows members to come together and discuss a wide range of issues so that we can continue to be an effective green voice within the Labour Party. Any SERA member will be able to take part. If you are not a member of SERA, but would like to join these discussions, please consider joining us! Continue reading