Science tells us our planet is broken – fixing it requires rapid and radical change

Clive Lewis MP is Shadow Treasury Minister for Sustainable Economics and Labour MP for Norwich South. He tweets at @labourlewis and calls for a post-war effort to tackle the climate and environment emergency. Continue reading

Climate refugees: A class issue

Luna Williams is the political correspondent at the Immigration Advice Service, an organisation of immigration lawyers which offers free and full legal aid to asylum-seekers and refugees. Currently climate refugees do not have a right to refuge, Luna argues that needs to change to protect vulnerable people across the world who are taking the hit for humanity's collective mistakes.  Continue reading

Clean Air Day 2019: We must clean our air to protect those we hold dear

Cllr Tom Hayes, Oxford City Council portfolio holder for Safer, Greener, Environment, and SERA member, writes for SERA on Clean Air Day 2019 on the need for both government and our cities to take action to clean our air and prevent serious ill health. This is not an issue happening in a distant time or country, this is about the air you and your loved ones are breathing right now   Continue reading

Declaring a climate emergency is a first step – but the rest of the journey needs cooperation

Labour and Cooperative Party parliamentary candidate for Reading West Rachel Eden writes for SERA on taking action cooperatively to tackle the climate emergency. If you are championing the the environment in your local area we want to hear from you - get in touch. Continue reading

SERA - Labour's Environment Campaign: We need a Climate Emergency Spending Review

SERA is calling for a a Climate Emergency Spending Review (CESR) following Parliament declaring a climate emergency. Urgent action is required across the whole of government to decarbonise and a CESR would enable that change.  Jake Sumner, SERA's Co-Chair wrote for LabourList in April 2019. This is a copy of the article.  Continue reading

This Earth Day, Labour's Oxford City Council announces plans for a Citizens Assembly to deal with the climate crisis

Cllr Tom Hayes, Oxford City Council portfolio holder for Safer, Greener, Environment writes for SERA on the city's plans announced on Earth Day (22nd April 2019) for a citizens assembly, the first ever by a UK council, to deal with our climate crisis.  Continue reading

No time to delay - We must drive down transport emissions

"Emitting more Co2 without being cognisant of the consequences as a society is a reckless and risky gamble. Every tonnes we can avoid adding to our atmosphere will give us a better chance of avoiding climate breakdown" Venn Chesterton is a sustainable transport expert and tweets at @fb_venn. This article was originally published in SERA's magazine New Ground Continue reading

What can be achieved locally? The Manchester Climate Change response

Lydia Meryll is a SERA executive member, community activist and environmental educator. She leads Manchester SERA. She tweets at @lydia_meryll This article was originally published in SERA's magazine New Ground Continue reading

Transformational change in land use is needed to fight climate change

Vicki Hird is Farm Campaign Coordinator at Sustain, the alliance for better food and farming. She tweets at @vickihird This article was originally published in SERA's magazine New Ground Continue reading

Obituary: Samantha Heath: Small but significant

Longstanding SERA executive member Samantha Heath sadly died on Friday 29 March 2019. Continue reading

How Labour can make Britain a climate leader again and build a global green economy

Eduardo Goncalves is editor of Green Future News and founder of the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting. He was International Communications Director of The Climate Group at the time of the Paris Climate Summit, and is author of the WWF Guide to One Planet Living.  This article was originally published in SERA's New Ground, exclusive to SERA members.  Continue reading