Now is the time for action on air quality - Andy Burnham MP

Andy Burnham MP, Labour's Candidate for Mayor of Greater Manchester writes about his plans to tackle air pollution, and why the government must act to save lives now. Continue reading

Want to see real progress on green jobs and growth? Look to local government

SERA's National Organiser, Adam Dyster, on why Labour in power are leading the way on clean energy Continue reading

Catch-Up: SERA at Labour Local Government Conference

Missed our fringe at Labour Local Government Conference? Catch up on the panel with our Twitter collection Continue reading

Discussing London's Air Pollution Crisis

Last month, SERA, with the support of Calor Gas, brought together Labour MPs, Shadow Cabinet members and campaigners to discuss London’s toxic air pollution crisis, and the next steps for tackling air quality in the capital. Continue reading

A Good or Bad Industrial Strategy?

Its tempting to dismiss the Tories' sudden interventionist conversion - but Labour must learn from the Government and push for its own bolder, more radical plan. Continue reading

May's Damning Silence on Brexit and the Environment

As the Prime Minister ignores the environment in her Brexit priorities, green groups now face the fight of our lives Continue reading

New Ground Autumn Edition: Brexit and the Environment

The latest edition of New Ground is out with a range of views and perspectives on the implications for nature, climate change and environmental policies through Brexit. With views from Michael Jacobs, Kerry McCarthy MP and Nick Mohlo (Aldersgate Group), Leonie Cooper, Seb Dance MEP and more and guest piece from the Australian Labor Environment Action Network (LEAN) on greening the Australian Labor Party.

‘Brexit and the implications for the environment’: Keir Starmer MP speech

Sir Keir Starmer MP, the Shadow Exiting Europe Secretary, will give his first major speech on the implications for the environment through Britain leaving the Europe Union to SERA: Labour’s environment campaign.   Continue reading

It’s up to Labour to clean up our city air | Paul Blacklock

The London Mayor Sadiq Khan has spoken about his plans to create a less polluted London – he stated that ‘poor air quality is a ticking time-bomb for our health.’ Continue reading

Clean Air Model Motion

Air pollution is causing the premature deaths of 40,000 plus UK citizens at an economic cost of £54 billion. As part of our A Breath of Fresh Air campaign we have produced the following model motion for Constituency Labour Parties. The motion notes the need to tackle the deadly air we breathe today, and concludes that we need a new Clean Air Act for the 21st Century. For more information about A Breath of Fresh Air click here. Continue reading

The Green Horizons SERA Rally

SERA had a strong line-up for this year’s Green Horizons conference rally. A packed room heard future visions from Labour Mayors and mayoral candidates, MPs, MEPs and councillors. Key themes were widening the environment case outside traditional audiences, fusing social outcomes with green policies, the challenges post-Brexit and agency of being in power.  Continue reading

Labour commits to strong environmental drive across industry

Clive Lewis, Labour’s Shadow Secretary for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, in his first key note speech on industrial strategy put environmental leadership at the heart of Labour’s agenda. He committed a future Labour Government to ensuring 60 percent of energy comes from renewable and low carbon sources by 2030 and signalled that the country needs to take advantage of the new jobs and industries of the future by being an environmental leader. He also said Labour’s programme was about ensuring every person, every generation, every community and every community benefits and is not left behind. Clive full speech is here and key extracts include:   Continue reading