CCS is crucial for a green industrial revolution

Rebecca Bell is Vice-Chair of SERA Scotland. She tweets at @MissBecsBell and in this article argues that carbon capture and storage can open the door to a zero-carbon future. This piece was initially featured in the latest issue of our publication, New Ground.  Continue reading

How our New Model of Municipal Socialism will help lead the Zero-Carbon Revolution

Liam Byrne MP is Shadow Digital Minister and Labour MP for Hodge Hill. He is standing for West Midlands Metro Mayor. He tweets at @LiamByrneMP. In this article which originally appeared in our last issue of New Ground, Liam makes the case for municipal socialism and states that the region which pioneered the carbon revolution is now determined to lead the zero-carbon revolution.  Continue reading

New Climate Perks scheme opens up climate conscious holiday travel

Sarah Barfield Marks works at Possible, formerly known as 10:10 Climate Action. She tweets at @BarfieldMarks. This article was featured in our latest edition of New Ground, published in mid-September. Here Sarah discusses a scheme called Climate Perks that would allow employees to choose low-carbon travel options to their holiday destination instead of flights. Continue reading

A home shouldn’t cost the earth

Alex Cunningham MP is Shadow Housing Minister and Labour MP for Stockton North. He tweets at @ACunninghamMP. Here, Alex sets out how a Labour Government can address both the house crisis and the climate crisis by delivering well insulated, low-carbon homes for the many. Continue reading

The only way to prevent climate chaos is to support our plan for a Green New Deal

Hugh Goulbourne is a former SERA National Convenor and was a Director of the environmental charity Global Action Plan from 2014 to 2017. A Labour Party and Coop Party activist, Hugh is based in Huddersfield and volunteers as the Chair and trade union convenor for SERA West Yorkshire. In this article, Hugh sets out that a decade of austerity and Tory failures on the environment has halted the progress to a green economy that was launched by last Labour government.  Continue reading