Brexit: Why we need a new Environmental Protection Act

Mary Creagh MP on why no deal is absolutely the worst deal for our country and environment, and why Brexit means a new Environmental Protection Act is essential Continue reading

A New Integrated Transport Vision

SERA Co-Chair Jake Sumner writes about how integration could be key to improving London's transport services - and tackling the major environmental challenges of air pollution & climate change Continue reading

Shaping a sustainable vision for Greater Manchester

How do you come up with solutions to some of the biggest policy issues and challenges? Start with an expert panel, a metro-Mayoral candidate, and 45 people in a room.   Continue reading

Making the case for municipal energy - Cllr Alan Sitkin on energetik

Earlier this year it was announced that Enfield Council was to invest £58m in 'energetik', its own local energy company, set up to fight climate change and fuel poverty and ’revolutionise’ north London’s energy future. But how did this project develop? Cllr Alan Sitkin, Cabinet Member for Economic Regeneration and Business writes. Continue reading

Equipping the Tees Valley for the Clean Energy Era

From capturing carbon dioxide for fizzy drinks to reusing industrial heat, Cllr Sue Jeffrey, Leader of Redcar and Cleveland Council and Labour's candidate for Tees Valley Metro Mayor, on Tees Valley's ambitious plans Continue reading

'Investing in the future'? The Chancellor proves himself quite the joker

For all his talk of supporting future generations, Hammond's Budget did the complete opposite. Organiser Adam Dyster reacts. Continue reading

Now is the time for action on air quality - Andy Burnham MP

Andy Burnham MP, Labour's Candidate for Mayor of Greater Manchester writes about his plans to tackle air pollution, and why the government must act to save lives now. Continue reading

Want to see real progress on green jobs and growth? Look to local government

SERA's National Organiser, Adam Dyster, on why Labour in power are leading the way on clean energy Continue reading

Catch-Up: SERA at Labour Local Government Conference

Missed our fringe at Labour Local Government Conference? Catch up on the panel with our Twitter collection Continue reading

Discussing London's Air Pollution Crisis

Last month, SERA, with the support of Calor Gas, brought together Labour MPs, Shadow Cabinet members and campaigners to discuss London’s toxic air pollution crisis, and the next steps for tackling air quality in the capital. Continue reading

A Good or Bad Industrial Strategy?

Its tempting to dismiss the Tories' sudden interventionist conversion - but Labour must learn from the Government and push for its own bolder, more radical plan. Continue reading

May's Damning Silence on Brexit and the Environment

As the Prime Minister ignores the environment in her Brexit priorities, green groups now face the fight of our lives Continue reading