Biking in Brighton: City's Bike Sharing Scheme Goes Live

Councillors hope that the new bike-sharing scheme will help cut air pollution and increase sustainable, healthy travel in the city. Continue reading

This Summer's extreme weather shows the deadly impact of climate change. Only cooperation can stop it.

From flooding in Houston to flash fires across Europe, Angela Terry looks at why this Summer's extreme weather means we need to act on climate change now more than ever.   Continue reading

Considered, clear and long-term – Sadiq’s Environment Strategy is everything that Boris wasn’t. Thank Goodness.

SERA Exec Member Leonie Cooper writes for Progress on the new London Environment Strategy Continue reading

Why Scottish Labour are fighting for warm homes

Pauline McNeill MSP on why energy efficiency must be a priority for tackling both social and environmental justice. Continue reading

Why there is no Carbon Plan to meet the Fifth Carbon Budget... yet

Emissions Reduction Plan, Carbon Plan, Clean Growth Plan - whatever you call it, you'd have a hard job finding the government's response to the Fifth Carbon Budget. Dr Alan Whitehead MP writes   Continue reading

Spin and Bluster: Gove’s Clean Air Plan passes the buck

It might grab the headlines, but the Government’s Clean Air Plan is nowhere near strong enough to tackle this public health crisis. Continue reading

Power cut: The end of the line for the Tory's rail ambition

By abandoning rail projects across the UK, the Tories have given up on any pretence of a pioneering vision for public transport. Joe Fortune, SERA Exec Member writes. Continue reading

Cruise ships and clean air: Tackling Southampton docks' pollution problem

Cllr Christopher Hammond on how cleaning up Southampton's port is a vital part of the city's efforts to tackle air pollution Continue reading

Forests - a secret weapon in the UK's fight against climate change?

Five years after the Independent Panel on Forestry Report, Paul Brannen MEP makes a pitch for increasing forest cover in the UK - and calls for a new wave of wooden buildings Continue reading

Forget Westminster - it's local government that's leading on air quality

After years of delays and empty promises from national government, boroughs like Lambeth can't wait any longer for leadership on air quality - so they're taking the bold action that's needed themselves. Cllr Jennifer Brathwaite writes.   Continue reading

Post-Brexit An Ambitious Environmental Policy is Necessary

The Brexit vote makes the need for an ambitious environmental policy more important than ever. The Labour party has a critical role to play in making sure this happens, argues Nick Molho, Executive Director of the Aldersgate Group  Continue reading

Brexit: The Future of Food Outside the EU

Kerry Mccarthy MP on what leaving the EU means for food and farming - and why the end of the CAP could be an opportunity to reshape agriculture for the better. Continue reading