Building back better: a recovery that must be big, just and green

On Monday, SERA and Labour Business hosted an event with Ed Miliband MP, Liam Byrne MP and Matt Pennycook MP. It brought together regional, national and international perspectives on the green recovery. Many thanks to the high number of SERA members, Labour Party members and Labour Business stakeholders who joined us earlier this week. We streamed this live on our Facebook page, and the recording is available to watch on demand below. As we look to rebuild our economy for build a better, greener and fairer future, we hope to see some of the excellent points raised by members included in Labour's National Policy Forum consultation report. Continue reading


SERA member Victor Anderson writes for SERA's blog on the Dasgupta Review of the economics of biodiversity, which published its interim report at the start of last month. Here Victor outlines the limitations of the report, particularly its framing and focus on market-based environmental economics, and asks whether we should view nature and biodiversity as more than just 'assets' that can maximise profits. Continue reading

Making Finance Sustainable: Practical Solutions for Ecological Problems

Hugh Atkinson, SERA Member and Distinguished Research Fellow Schumacher Institute for Sustainable Solutions, Bristol, writes for SERA's blog about the climate solutions that the financial sector has to offer.  Continue reading

Labour in Europe - A Record of Climate Success

As a socialist society, SERA has always been pro european and passionate supporters of the EU. More than any other policy issue, the climate and environment emergency requires a global cooperative effort to tackle the crisis. Today we want to publicly thank and pay tribute to our Labour MEPs and the S&D group that have worked to promote social and environmental justice over the last forty years across Europe. Theresa Griffin MEP writes exclusively for SERA on Labour's climate success in Europe. Theresa is Chair of the European Parliamentary Labour Party and lead Member for Energy, Industry and Digital.  Continue reading