Our response to climate change will define us for generations to come

Anna McMorrin MP is the Labour MP for Cardiff North and a former adviser to the Welsh Government. She's written for SERA on her trip to the Arctic with the Environment Audit Committee, where she witnessed the melting sea and land ice and increased rainfall due to 1 degree of global warming. Anna's article originally featured in SERA's Winter 2018 edition of New Ground.   Continue reading

Get aboard the hydrogen future

Mike Muldoon, Head of Business Development at Alstom UK & Ireland writes about moving the rail sector more quickly to a zero-carbon and clean air future by using the tried and tested technology - hydrogen. The technology enables trains to simply emit pure water. This article originally appeared in SERA's Winter 2018 edition of New Ground.  Continue reading

SERA supports a People's Vote

At SERA's AGM in January, a motion was passed by our membership which recognised the threat Brexit poses to the UK's environmental laws, enforcement of rights and international commitments to climate change, and backed a People's Vote and Labour campaigning to remain in the EU. Following the passing of this motion the SERA executive have written this public letter to Jeremy Corbyn.  Continue reading

Cleaning up our dirty air is nothing if not a shared endeavour. So any plan to do this must involve everyone who has a hand in creating the pollution

Environment cabinet member in Camden, Adam Harrison on the borough's clean air plans. The council are looking for your views and ideas and urge as many as possible to take part in their consultation. He tweets at @AdamDKHarrison Continue reading

Catching Up with South Tyneside SERA

Leader of South Tyneside Council writes on how working closely with South Tyneside SERA, the Labour Council is delivering on a range of ambitious green projects including carbon negative social housing, the planting of new trees and multi million pound energy efficiency measures. Continue reading

Many ‘Roads to Zero’: Local authorities can reap the rewards of the electric vehicle transition

An artist's impression of a Pivot Power battery site   By Martin Cole, Head of Planning at Pivot Power Continue reading

Plans for Zero Emission Zone in Oxford race ahead in bid to cut emissions

Cllr Tom Hayes, Executive Board member for a Safer & Greener Environment at Oxford City Council writes on Oxford's updated plans for a Zero Emissions Zone. Tom joined our panel on clean air at Labour conference 2018, you can watch it on YouTube here Continue reading

COP24 - An Observer's view

Mike Franks is a longtime SERA member with an interest in energy politics. Early this century he helped to establish the sustainable development monitoring framework for the North West, and subsequently worked as a spatial and demographic analyst for Oldham. Mike attended COP24 as an observer for the Manchester based ‘Campaign for a Hydrogen Economy’. Continue reading

Anna McMorrin MP tells UK Ministers, “You can’t just throw money at Climate Change and hope it goes away.”

On the 16th january Labour's Anna McMorrin MP led a debate in Westminster Hall on the ‘Response of UK Government to 2018 United Nations Climate Change Conference’. You can watch the debate here Continue reading

Our waste, our resources: Labour's Shadow Minister for Waste & Recycling responds to the Government's Waste Strategy

In December 2018 the Government published its long awaited waste and recycling strategy including its ambitions and proposals to tackle plastic waste. England's household recycling rate has stalled at around 44% since 2011. Compare this to Labour controlled Wales where the recycling rate is 62.7%. Experts believe the UK is likely to miss its target of recycling 50% of household rubbish by 2020. Labour Shadow Minister for Waste & Recycling Sandy Martin MP responds to the Government's plans.  Continue reading

Bristol - a leading green city

Marvin Rees is the Mayor of Bristol. He tweets at @MarvinJRees. This article was originally published in SERA's magazine New Ground (Winter 2018) Continue reading