Forests - a secret weapon in the UK's fight against climate change?

Five years after the Independent Panel on Forestry Report, Paul Brannen MEP makes a pitch for increasing forest cover in the UK - and calls for a new wave of wooden buildings Continue reading

Forget Westminster - it's local government that's leading on air quality

After years of delays and empty promises from national government, boroughs like Lambeth can't wait any longer for leadership on air quality - so they're taking the bold action that's needed themselves. Cllr Jennifer Brathwaite writes.   Continue reading

Post-Brexit An Ambitious Environmental Policy is Necessary

The Brexit vote makes the need for an ambitious environmental policy more important than ever. The Labour party has a critical role to play in making sure this happens, argues Nick Molho, Executive Director of the Aldersgate Group  Continue reading

Brexit: The Future of Food Outside the EU

Kerry Mccarthy MP on what leaving the EU means for food and farming - and why the end of the CAP could be an opportunity to reshape agriculture for the better. Continue reading

Election 2017: A Message to SERA Members from Sue Hayman

A personal message for SERA members from Sue Hayman, Shadow Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Continue reading

Why Labour is truly progressive on food and farming

From reducing food poverty to sustainable agriculture - SERA Exec Member Catherine Fookes takes a look at the Labour manifesto Continue reading

Dear Theresa May, holding hands with a fossil fool is not what strong leadership looks like

Our article for Left Foot Forward on May's dereliction of duty over Trump and the Paris Agreement Continue reading

Leading on Environmental Progress in Wales

Lesley Griffiths AM on Brexit, renewable energy and how Wales is leading the way on the environment Continue reading

May’s love-in with fracking and fox hunting shows the nasty party is back

Our article for LabourList on the Conservative Manifesto's lack of ambition - and their atrocious environmental record Continue reading

The Creeping End of Natural Gas

Cllr Alex Sobel on Leeds' pioneering H21 project - using Hydrogen to decarbonise gas by 2030 Continue reading

SERA Welcomes Labour Manifesto's Bold Green Ambition

From energy efficiency to sustainable farming, Labour’s manifesto, launched today, offers real leadership on the environment   Continue reading

It's Up to Labour to Divest Parliament

SERA EXEC Member Louisa Casson on why Labour parliamentary candidates should support the Divest Parliament campaign - and what SERA members can do to support it.   Image via Divest Parliament Twitter account. Continue reading