Flight of fancy

When this article was originally published in the 2019 summer edition of New Ground, Alex Sobel was the Labour and Co-operative MP for Leeds North West. In the last Parliamentary session, Alex led SERA's parliamentary network. He is running for re-election and in this article makes the case for a frequent flyer tax. Continue reading

We need a fracking ban

Steve Mason is campaign director of Frack Free United, a UK-wide network of groups opposed to fracking. He tweets at @stevemason2111. In this article Steve makes the powerful case for a fracking ban, a policy backed by the Labour Party.   Continue reading

The role of food in taking on the Climate Emergency

Mark Banahan is a Campaigns and Policy Officer at The Vegan Society. He tweets at @MarkBanahan. In this article Mark sets out how embracing a plant-based diet can help us tackle the climate and environment emergency and makes the case for a more sustainable food policy.  Continue reading

Designing development to deliver on nature, climate and housing

Rebecca Pullinger is the Land Use Campaigns and Policy Officer at CPRE, the countryside charity. She tweets at @beckyjpullinger and in this article makes the case for careful design through which, she says, we must address the contribution of development to the climate emergency and ecological crisis while building the homes that we need. Continue reading

Restoring nature to tackle the climate crisis

Adam Barnett is Senior Parliamentary Officer at RSPB. He tweets at @admpbntt and here argues how Labour can restore nature and mitigate climate change with a radical manifesto for nature’s recovery and the protection of the UK’s vital carbon and wildlife-rich landscapes. This piece was first published the Summer 2019 edition of our magazine New Ground, exclusive to our members. Continue reading

Scottish action on the Environment & Climate Emergency

Claudia Beamish MSP is the Scottish Labour Spokesperson on Climate Change. She tweets at @Claudiabeamish. This article originally featured in the Summer 2019 issue of New Ground, SERA's bi-annual magzine, exclusive to our members. Here Claudia outlines how Scottish Labour are leading the way in tackling the climate emergency.  Continue reading

Net Zero: is it enough?

Bryn Kewley is a member of the SERA executive and advisor to the Shadow Minister for Energy & Climate Change. He tweets at @BrynKewley. This article originally featured in our last issue of New Ground, SERA's magazine exclusive to our members. Here Bryn says we should switch our the focus from the date by which Britain must decarbonise to the hard questions of how to make progress. Which policies, what regulation, which industries will be affected, and how do we bring people with us? Source: Getty Images, via BBC news Continue reading

Renewable energy: a key climate solution

Nathan Bennett is Senior Public Affairs Manager at RenewableUK . He tweets at @nathansbennett. This article was originally featured in the last issue of our magazine New Ground, exclusive to SERA members. Below, he argues that we need stronger political will to decarbonise our economy and a faster transition to renewable energy than the current pace. Nathan says that this urgency becomes clearer when you realise how much of the transformation in the wider economy to reach net zero is predicated on increasing and decarbonising the energy sector first. Continue reading

The trade union case for a just transition to a cleaner, greener economy

Tim Page is a Senior Policy Officer leading on industrial policy, energy and climate change at the TUC. Here he outlines how we can and must place workers and local communities at the heart of the transition to a net-zero emissions economy. Tim says that a just transition means delivering new green jobs which must also be good jobs with trade union recognition, decent pay, terms and conditions, high standards of health and safety, and a fair pension. Continue reading

CCS is crucial for a green industrial revolution

Rebecca Bell is Vice-Chair of SERA Scotland. She tweets at @MissBecsBell and in this article argues that carbon capture and storage can open the door to a zero-carbon future. This piece was initially featured in the latest issue of our publication, New Ground.  Continue reading

How our New Model of Municipal Socialism will help lead the Zero-Carbon Revolution

Liam Byrne MP is Shadow Digital Minister and Labour MP for Hodge Hill. He is standing for West Midlands Metro Mayor. He tweets at @LiamByrneMP. In this article which originally appeared in our last issue of New Ground, Liam makes the case for municipal socialism and states that the region which pioneered the carbon revolution is now determined to lead the zero-carbon revolution.  Continue reading

New Climate Perks scheme opens up climate conscious holiday travel

Sarah Barfield Marks works at Possible, formerly known as 10:10 Climate Action. She tweets at @BarfieldMarks. This article was featured in our latest edition of New Ground, published in mid-September. Here Sarah discusses a scheme called Climate Perks that would allow employees to choose low-carbon travel options to their holiday destination instead of flights. Continue reading