SERA’s input into next week’s National Policy Forum

Next week, on 18 & 19 July 2014, Labour’s National Policy Forum (NPF) will meet in Milton Keynes. This meeting will be important for SERA, and important for the Labour Party, as it will decide the direction of policies for the Labour manifesto – and the next Labour Government. Continue reading

We need to talk about ‘monkey trial conservatism’

SERA activist Tom Miller looks at why the Conservatives have lost interest in climate change – if they ever had it – and how Labour should respond to stand up for reality. Continue reading

Labour in Europe lead debate tomorrow on making lorries safer and greener

Andrew Smith MP and Labour’s lead MEP candidate in the South East, Annaliese Dodds, outline the importance of tomorrow’s vote in the European Parliament on lorries and cycle safety.   Continue reading

EVENT: How can Labour win a mandate in 2015?

SERA is joining with Progress for an event in Brighton in March. Continue reading

Network Rail – The Peoples Rail

Today’s news that Network Rail is to be reclassified as a central government body means that PSBR has just benefitted from an extra £30bn (and rising) worth of debt. It is slightly regrettable that a Network Rail spokesman said it would be ‘business as usual’, as this move should finally sink the notion that Network Rail is somehow a private body which should be left alone to operate how they see fit and allow astronomic bonuses to be issued each year.  Continue reading

Lydia Meryll: Risk, Energy and Size

SERA’s nuclear coordinator Lydia Meryll writes on the recent announcement of a new power station. Continue reading

A People’s Railway for Scotland

SERA Scotland are joining with The Co-operative Party and ASLEF to launch a new policy document titled ‘ScotRail – A People’s Railway for Scotland’. Continue reading

Jonathan Reynolds and Luciana Berger to speak at SERA AGM

SERA is holding its AGM in Manchester on Saturday 23 November. Continue reading

David Lammy MP: Crossrail 2 – getting London moving, and breathing

David Lammy MP tells SERA how Crossrail 2 would be good for London – and London’s environment. Continue reading

Tom Hayes: the PM has abandoned any commitment to fighting climate change

Following David Cameron’s outrageous comments at PMQs today, turning his back on green government, Oxford-based SERA activist Tom Hayes says the PM has abandoned his commitment to fighting climate change. Continue reading

Samantha Heath: Green Growth a million times over

At Labour Party Conference, Ed Miliband pledged Labour to a decarbonised economy by 2030, leading to a million green jobs. SERA Executive member Samantha Heath considers the potential for green industry and employment, coinciding with today’s TUC Green Growth Conference. Continue reading

Public support Oxford Labour’s air quality campaign

Oxford Labour found considerable public support today during their attempt to highlight plans by the Coalition Government to water down air quality monitoring. Poor air quality is currently the biggest public health risk after smoking, and around 25,000 people are estimated to have died in the UK as a result of air pollution over the last twelve months. The Coalition Government is proposing to remove obligations on local government to run air quality monitoring stations, following its ‘red tape challenge’ to reduce regulation. Continue reading