Claude Moraes MEP: EU laws can only do so much to tackle air pollution

As the UK’s summer arrives, the EU remains our only progressive ally in the fight for clean air and air quality in our cities, writes Claude Moraes MEP. Continue reading

New Nuclear: Financial Risk, Environmental risk or risk to humanity?

SERA Executive member Lydia Meryll argues that the case for new nuclear does not stack up. Continue reading

Richard Page: Rio+20 – The need for an oceans rescue plan

Bringing to a close the essays from our latest pamphlet published ahead of the Rio+20 summit, Richard Page of Greenpeace addresses what governments need to agree to protect our seas. Our oceans give us life. The oxygen in every second breath we take comes from the ocean. Billions of people rely on our oceans for their food and for employment. In return, we are plundering the oceans of fish, choking them with pollution and altering them forever with the impacts of human-induced climate change. Continue reading

Alan Whitehead MP: Come on down, the price remains high…

SERA Executive member, Alan Whitehead MP, writes regularly on energy issues at Alan’s Energy Blog. Here he responds to this week’s announcements on shale gas. Continue reading

Samantha Heath: Questioning our air quality

SERA Executive Member Samantha Heath outlines how we can tackle the air quality crisis. Continue reading

40 years of red-green Labour

SERA is 40 this year. Continue reading

Total 20: Bringing slower speeds to London’s streets

Councillor Phil Jones, Camden Council’s Cabinet Member for Sustainability, outlines his borough’s move towards a 20mph borough-wide speed limit in this article from the latest edition of New Ground, the transport special. Continue reading

People’s Rail: Rail Cymru

“Rail Cymru marks a once in a generation opportunity to change for the better our rail service in Wales.” Continue reading

Brighton & Hove – the Big Green Letdown

Tracey Hill, Coordinator of Brighton & Hove SERA, writes about the divided and ineffective Green Party running the City Council. Brighton and Hove has just become the first city to sign up to One Planet Living status. This puts us on an ambitious path towards living within the available resources of the planet by 2050. It will require confidence-inspiring leadership and wide scale buy-in from a broad spectrum of political and community perspectives. It is a huge positive that the city has the will to aspire to such a goal. But can the Green Party deliver? Continue reading

Fabian Society ‘Green Labour’ Conference, 6 July

Come and join SERA on July 6th at the Fabian Society Summer conference entitled Green Labour. The morning keynote will be given by Will Hutton and there will be many other great speakers, workshop and stalls. Continue reading

The Green Agenda could inspire and challenge this generation – and help us take on UKIP and the Tories

SERA is celebrating its 40th Anniversary in 2013. Our founding Secretary, Steve Cohen, has written for LabourList on the green opportunity for Labour. Continue reading

Maria Eagle MP: We need a new direction

Shadow Transport Secretary Maria Eagle MP writes for the new edition of New Ground on the new direction needed to cut transport's contribution to climate change. Transport emissions are responsible for more than a fifth of the UK’s contribution to potentially irreversible climate change. Despite the green rhetoric of the Coalition Agreement, this government’s record is woeful. The key transport pledge in the deal between Conservatives and Liberal Democrats was “to make the transport sector greener and more sustainable.” Yet decision after decision by Transport Ministers over the past two and a half years has set back the progress needed to meet our emissions reduction targets. Whether it was commitments on buses, rail, cycling, roads or aviation, the gulf between the Coalition Agreement and the record of the past two and half years is vast. Continue reading