Paris Deal Owes Much to EU | Seb Dance MEP

The world’s first, truly historic global agreement to decrease greenhouse emissions owes much to the EU argues London MEP and SERA member Seb Dance:   Continue reading

C’est la Ville! | Cllr Alex Sobel

I have just returned from COP21 representing Leeds City Council as our Climate Change Lead. The discussions I had with those who were participating in the talks were encouraging. It was clear that the EU and US were working with a whole host of developing countries to try and get a deal at 1.5C, through the “high ambition coalition’. There has been resistance from BRIC countries and Gulf States for different reasons, but there are very few voices arguing against a binding deal and even fewer saying anything beyond a 2C rise will mean a liveable planet. Continue reading

Sadiq Khan Pledges to make London the City of Inspiration on the environment

Speaking at SERA’s AGM on Saturday 28th November 2015, Labour’s London Mayoral Candidate Sadiq Khan laid out his ambitions for London’s Environment. Continue reading

SERA on the March: 29 November

SERA will be out in force at the Climate Change March in London on 29 November. It’ll be a huge event on the eve of the crucial Paris climate talks. We’ll be joining thousands calling for action and showing international solidarity for climate justice.   Continue reading

Autumn 2015 New Ground Out Now

The latest edition of SERA’s magazine New Ground is out now. Continue reading

SERA AGM 2015 and Keynote Speech from Sadiq Khan

On Saturday 28 November we will be holding the SERA AGM. It is taking place at Student Central (formerly ULU), the Malet Suite, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HY. The AGM will run from 10-12 and then a speech by Sadiq Khan at 1pm. Continue reading

Government dismantles UK Renewables Industry

“Last Friday, 1,000 people in the solar power industry were issued redundancy notices. Today the Trades Union Congress says that 27,000 more jobs in the renewables sector are at risk. At a time when the United Kingdom’s economy is far from recovered, the Tory government’s cuts to financial support to renewables – the one industry that bucked the last recession – is hitting both jobs, investment plans, future energy bills and our climate.”   Continue reading

A Just Transition and Decent Work

The December 2015 Paris United Nations International Climate Change talks, the twenty first Conferences of Parties (COP21), will mark an historic opportunity for 196 countries to sign a new agreement and create a new global milestone in Sustainable Development and Climate Change, writes UNISON’s Dave Prentis   Continue reading

A green London isn’t a luxury, it’s a lifesaver

SERA Executive member Jake Sumner writes in LabourList on why the environment is priority for a London Labour Mayor.

SERA Annual General Meeting – Saturday, 28th November 2015

SERA’s AGM 2015 will take place on Saturday 28 November. As always, the AGM will be an opportunity to discuss the previous year’s activities, to look at SERA’s priorities for the coming year in light of the new political context, and to propose resolutions, as well as elect members of our National Executive. Continue reading

SERA at Labour Party Conference

The SERA Rally: The future’s red, the future’s green | Sustainability Hub Reception with SERA Continue reading

Statements from Labour Leadership Candidates

A few weeks ago we wrote to all of the Labour Leadership and Deputy Leadership candidates to ask them if they would like to provide a written statement that we can publish on our website and promote to our members, outlining the role they believe environmental issues should play in the future of the Labour Party. Continue reading