Rewilding Britain | Helen Meech

Britain is one of the most ecologically depleted nations on earth. Continue reading

Balance Sheet for Europe | Paul McNamee

Paul McNamee from the RSPB takes a look at how Europe has influenced environmental and conservation policy in the UK. Continue reading

Taking forward the Sustainable Development Goals | Lord Jack McConnell

With a powerful visionfor 2030, the Sustainable Development Goalsadopted at the United Nations General Assembly in September last year were a testament to hope anda testament to change. Global leaders unitedto face the challengesof climate, conflict and capacity affecting lives today and in the future: 17 ambitious goals tobuild upon the millennium development goals. Continue reading

Making a Difference on Climate Change in Haringey | Cllr Joe Goldberg

Start talking about climate change and people immediately rush to talk about renewables, solar, wind, wave and community energy. As important and exciting as these arethe need to focus on retrofitting and makingit as ‘sexy’ is undeniable. Continue reading

Putting Words into Action – Alun Davies AM

Politicians have an easyway of solving the world’s problems. We pass lawsand then honestly and earnestly believe that the new law will transform lives and change the future. It saves us worrying about the real world and gives us comfort aboutour place in society. Inthis way, legislation isthe hallucinatory drug of choice for politicians. Continue reading

There and Back Again – Huw Irranca-Davies

Top marks to those who recognise the title of the piece. It’s part of the subtitle from Tolkein’s The Hobbit, and more specifically it’s from the Red Book of Westmarch. So as a “red” (and green) who came from Wales to London, had some very exciting adventures, and is now going back west to wales, it somehow seems appropriate. There and back again … And looking forward to some more adventures to come. Continue reading

Community News – Spring 2016

To send in Community News please email, Alternatively, use the Contact Form below. Continue reading

Spring 2016 New Ground Out Now

The Spring 2016 edition of SERA’s magazine New Ground is out now and available for download here. Continue reading

Sustainable Farming and the EU Referendum | Paul Brannen MEP

Paul Brannen Labour MEP for the North East and member of the Agriculture Committee in the European Parliament argues that being ‘In’ is vital for the future of farming: Continue reading

Join us at the Red-Green Dragon Dinner!

Join SERA and Welsh First Minister Carwyn Jones AM on Monday 14 March  in a special dinner in London to say thank you to long-standing SERA champion Huw Irranca-Davies MP as he prepares to stand down from Westminster and context a seat in the Welsh Assembly. Continue reading

Technological Changes are Key to Reaching New Climate Pledges | Chi Onwurah MP

This month’s Climate Change Agreement has been hailed as a historic step forward on the road to saving our planet.  Two weeks ago, leaders from 190 nations gathered in Paris to try and reach a new global agreement on tackling climate change.   Continue reading

Paris Deal Owes Much to EU | Seb Dance MEP

The world’s first, truly historic global agreement to decrease greenhouse emissions owes much to the EU argues London MEP and SERA member Seb Dance:   Continue reading