A Breath of Fresh Air - A Clean Air Act for the 21st Century

Environmental Campaign Group SERA, is launching a campaign for a new Clean Air Act for the 21st Century, alongside London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s call for such an act in his landmark speech on air pollution today. The launch of the campaign marks the 60th Anniversary of the UK’s first Clean Air Act, and the need for a new act to tackle the deadly air we breathe today. Continue reading

SERA Co-Chairs respond to Sadiq Khan’s Clean Air plan for London

Labour’s London Mayor Sadiq Khan has today launched ambitious plans to clean up London’s air.  Coinciding with the 60th Anniversary of the UK’s Clean Air Act, Khan’s plans include a T-Charge by 2017, expansion of the Ultra Low Emissions Zones, and a faster role out of cleaner buses. Continue reading

Let’s talk about muck spreading (and the EU…) | Seb Dance MEP

As opening gambits go, it’s not a very appealing one, but I want to talk about muck spreading. This agricultural practice, wrapped up in childhood nostalgia of quickly winding up windows on countryside drives, seems innocent and natural enough. It helps grow the food we eat and produce the milk we drink. Continue reading

Brexit: A danger to Security, tackling Climate Change and International Development

On the evening of June 14th at UNITE Head Quarters in London, LME, LCID, and SERA will hold an exclusive Panel Q&A. Continue reading

Vote Remain for Nature

Just look at how stunning Britain is, Europe’s protections are keeping our nature and wildlife safe for the next generation. Continue reading

Environmentalists for Europe Beach Parties

Join Environmentalists for Europe on some of the UK’s most stunning beaches for a celebration of our clean beaches and bathing waters. In the past 30 years Europe’s help has meant the UK has gone from having just 18 clean beaches in the 1980s, to more than 600 in 2016. For more information follow the links or contact enviro4europe@gmail.com. Continue reading

Friends of the Earth EU Referendum Roadshow

The Friends of the Earth EU Referendum Roadshow will be visiting Cardiff, Bristol and Manchester in the coming weeks with high profile Labour speakers. The Roadshow has provided lively discussions about what the EU has done for our environment and the environmental argument for staying in the EU. Continue reading

Campaigning against Polluted Streets | Samantha Heath

Increasingly more and more people are getting fired up about the pollution in our streets – and I am proud that my charity London sustainability exchange (LSx) has been able to support communities all over London by finding out where pollution is most concerning and helping them address the problem by working with local businesses and challenging their local politicians to enhance local policies. Continue reading

Evidence is Clear about Environmental Benefits of being in Europe | Mary Creagh MP

A couple of months ago, scientists declared that we are now living inthe anthropocene age. Humanity’s impact on the earth’s atmosphere, oceans and wildlife has, they argue, pushed the world into this new epoch. Britain is a world leader on the environment and has played a pivotal role in the EU on this issue ever since 1986, when Margaret Thatcher signed the Single European Act, which established the EU’s competence in this area. If we are to play our part in ensuring a green future for the UK, we must remain in the EU. Continue reading

Race to the Top on Europe | Interview with Alan Johnson MP

Former Home Secretary Alan Johnson is leading Labour’s campaign for the UK to stay in Europe. Here SERA’s Natan Doron speaks to Alan about the challenge of the referendum campaign – and what SERA supporters can do to help.   Continue reading

A Failure of Leadership | Jake Sumner

The extensive floodingin Northern England isjust the latest exampleof extreme weather, not just here but globally. Climate change is becoming a growing threat to food, energy, health,jobs and economic stability as well an increasing factor in mass migration. As December’s COP21 talks underlined, worse is to come if global temperatures rise above two degrees, with land occupied by 280 million people likely to be underwater. Continue reading

What does the Paris Accord mean for Britain? | Lisa Nandy MP

At December’s Paris Summit, for the first time ever leaders from nearly every country in the world came together to agree to cut carbon pollution and set us on the path to a cleaner, greener future with the goal of building a carbon-neutral global economy within a generation. Continue reading