The Green Horizons SERA Rally

SERA had a strong line-up for this year’s Green Horizons conference rally. A packed room heard future visions from Labour Mayors and mayoral candidates, MPs, MEPs and councillors. Key themes were widening the environment case outside traditional audiences, fusing social outcomes with green policies, the challenges post-Brexit and agency of being in power.  Continue reading

Labour commits to strong environmental drive across industry

Clive Lewis, Labour’s Shadow Secretary for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, in his first key note speech on industrial strategy put environmental leadership at the heart of Labour’s agenda. He committed a future Labour Government to ensuring 60 percent of energy comes from renewable and low carbon sources by 2030 and signalled that the country needs to take advantage of the new jobs and industries of the future by being an environmental leader. He also said Labour’s programme was about ensuring every person, every generation, every community and every community benefits and is not left behind. Clive full speech is here and key extracts include:   Continue reading

SERA at Conference 2016

The Green Horizons SERA Rally kindly supported by Calor Gas | Growth, Homes & Greenery: The Fight for the Floodplains kindly supported by the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust | Sustainability Hub with SERA sponsored by the Environmental Services Association Continue reading

What does Brexit mean for the Environment? | Daniel Zeichner MP

We live in a very divided country. I voted to remain in the EU, as did the majority of the people in Cambridge I represent. I will always vote against any attempt to take us out of the EU in Parliament – to reflect the views of my constituents as well as my own conscience. Some criticise, saying that people like me refuse to accept the result. I recognise the result, but that doesn’t make me agree with it, nor will it stop me and many others doing everything in our power to reverse it, and build a better, more positive relationship with our neighbours in Europe. In the months leading up to the referendum, environmental issues rarely got a mention, but it is the UK’s environmental legislation that is perhaps most intricately intertwined with the EU because so much originated at EU level. Indeed the two have developed mutually and interdependently over the last few decades, an example of the success of our relationships. Continue reading

Can we decarbonise heat? | Alan Whitehead MP

How do you decarbonise heat? It’s a quite intractable problem. Some 47% of final energy consumption goes on heat, between residential heat and industrial and commercial space heating, most of which is supplied by means of gas (it makes up over 80% of the fuel for home heating and hot water) and that is not to about to go away soon.  Only 7% of heat and hot water is electrified. According to the recently-adopted UK Fifth Carbon Budget, by 2030, 13% of heat in homes and about half of business demand should be coming from low carbon sources if we are to meet emissions targets. Although we are doing well on power targets for 2020, on heat we are failing lamentably; and in danger of falling short of 2020 European low carbon heat targets, let alone getting to grips with the Fifth Carbon Budget. Continue reading

We need a strong nature champion in Natural England | Natan Doron

In the wall of sound around Brexit, the US elections and the Labour leadership it has gone largely unnoticed that Natural England, the UK’s nature watchdog faces another round of budget cuts. Following a 35% reduction in funding from 2010/11 to 2014/15, a leaked document shows plans for more.   Continue reading

Sadiq’s first 100 days | Leonie Cooper AM

Sadiq Khan, the new Labour Mayor of London, made a number of key pledges in his campaign. A hundred days into the new Mayoralty, what’s been happening on the environment? Continue reading

Labour Leadership Election 2016 | Jeremy Corbyn

A few weeks ago we wrote to the two candidates in the Labour leadership election to ask them several questions on their plans for the environment. Today we are pleased to publish the responses from Jeremy and Owen on our website. We warmly welcome both Owen’s and Jeremy’s support for our A Breath of Fresh Air Campaign and their commitment to a new Clean Air Act.   Continue reading

Labour Leadership Election 2016 | Owen Smith

A few weeks ago we wrote to the two candidates in the Labour leadership election to ask them several questions on their plans for the environment. Today we are pleased to publish the responses from Owen and Jeremy on our website. We warmly welcome both Jeremy’s and Owen’s support for our A Breath of Fresh Air Campaign and their commitment to a new Clean Air Act.   Continue reading

Labour Leadership Election 2016

In just under seven weeks we will meet in Liverpool for the results of the Labour Leadership Election and Party Conference. So far in this campaign the challenges of climate change and the need for a strong and progressive set of environment policies has not been given sufficient prominence, indeed it wasn’t mentioned at all at the last hustings. It is time to change that. Continue reading

What does Brexit mean for pollution? | Samantha Heath

An estimated 40,000 people die prematurely each year from causes related to air pollution. Air pollution contributes to a myriad of health problems and we also know that those who live in deprived communities suffer disproportionately from the poorest air quality. The current situation has been described by cross party MPs as a ‘public health emergency’.   Continue reading

Why Labour must be central to the green movement in a post Brexit world | Amy Deakin

I’m sure we all remember where we were on the morning of Friday 24 June. I was in bed, having been one of the few people in Britain to actually sleep through referendum night. I remember leaning over to pick up my phone and read the news that I had been dreading for days, that I hoped would never be possible. We had voted to leave the European Union. Continue reading