SERA pays tribute to Nicholas Russell

SERA has paid tribute to Nicholas Russell, an executive member of SERA for many years who passed away suddenly yesterday.

Nicholas was a passionate campaigner on much of SERA’s work, especially transport issue, and a particular advocate of disability rights. He was of great help to SERA in recent negotiations on Labour’s policies on transport and the environment at the National Policy Forum and the next manifesto will be the better for his efforts.

Nicholas was also until recently a Labour Co-operative councillor in the London Borough of Waltham Forest, as well as an activist in many other organisations, including the Co-operative Party and other co-op groups, CND, Labour Transport Group, the Socialist Societies Executive and the Labour Party Disabled Members Group which he led.

Our thoughts are with his fiancée Georgina, his family and the many organisations that Nicholas worked with that will be missing his persistence and enthusiasm today.

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