Major environment and transport policy announcements at Labour Party Conference

The big news on environment at Labour Party Conference came from not from the fringe but from the podium this year, headlined by Ed Miliband’s commitment to freeze energy bills until early 2017 and Caroline Flint’s to break up the energy companies and separate supply from generation.

Look out for full analysis of the policies announced over the next few weeks. Meanwhile, here’s a list of the policy announcements and pledges made by our frontbench at Party Conference:

  • A duty on water companies to have social tariffs to help the poorest families pay their water bills.
  • Ban food from landfill.
  • Work with communities to introduce marine conservation zones.
  • Complete the coastal path around England.
  • An end to the roll-out of the disastrous badger cull.
  • A meaningful cap on rail fare rises.
  • An end to confusing rail fares and rip-off wifi.
  • A reformed and more accountable Network Rail bringing together functions from fragmented rail industry.
  • A single brand for rail services, regardless of franchise changes.
  • Maria Eagle said that England should learn the lessons from Wales where the Active Travel Bill will force local authorities to prioritise new routes for walking and cycling.
  • Clear goals to increase cycling: separated routes, redesigned junctions., phased traffic lights, cycling Safety Assessments for all new transport schemes, restored targets to cut road deaths and serious injuries, 20mph zones as the default in residential areas, long term support for teaching safe cycling, space on trains for bikes, secure facilities at stations – required in rail contracts, sentencing guidelines reviewed, tough new rules on HGVs.
  • A promise to reserve the budget from the Highways Agency to tackle hazardous junctions and provide infrastructure on the busiest roads.
  • Devolved funding to give transport authorities greater clout.
  • Bus Deregulation Exemption Zones.
  • A route map to one million green jobs.
  • A 2030 power sector decarbonisation target.
  • Hold to the system of contract for difference in the Energy Bill. Energy companies forced to do electricity trading on the open market, in a pool.
  • Make the energy companies separate their production from the companies that supply homes.
  • An Energy Security Board with responsibility for identifying our energy needs and providing a clear framework to deliver this.
  • Give the Green Investment Bank borrowing powers to support investment.
  • A freeze on gas and electricity prices until the start of 2017.

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