A strong green vision can help Labour engage new voters and seats

Labour's green and co-operative agenda has the potential to engage new communities beyond the party strongholds, as Martin Stott, council candidate in Oxfordshire explains. Continue reading

Hard Brexit...Soft Brexit - What about a 'Moral Brexit'?

Samantha Heath on why the UK's green credentials are a positive for trade deals, not a barrier. Continue reading

Labour's County Challenge in May

With May's local elections fast approaching, SERA Executive Member & co-founder of Labour Coast & Country, Hywel Lloyd has written about why they are so important, and how Labour members across the country can help campaign for a Labour victory. (Photo: Ungry Young Man/Flickr/CC BY 2.0) Continue reading

Brexit: Why we need a new Environmental Protection Act

Mary Creagh MP on why no deal is absolutely the worst deal for our country and environment, and why Brexit means a new Environmental Protection Act is essential Continue reading

A New Integrated Transport Vision

SERA Co-Chair Jake Sumner writes about how integration could be key to improving London's transport services - and tackling the major environmental challenges of air pollution & climate change Continue reading

Shaping a sustainable vision for Greater Manchester

How do you come up with solutions to some of the biggest policy issues and challenges? Start with an expert panel, a metro-Mayoral candidate, and 45 people in a room.   Continue reading

Making the case for municipal energy - Cllr Alan Sitkin on energetik

Earlier this year it was announced that Enfield Council was to invest £58m in 'energetik', its own local energy company, set up to fight climate change and fuel poverty and ’revolutionise’ north London’s energy future. But how did this project develop? Cllr Alan Sitkin, Cabinet Member for Economic Regeneration and Business writes. Continue reading