SERA Co-Chairs respond to Sadiq Khan’s Clean Air plan for London

Labour’s London Mayor Sadiq Khan has today launched ambitious plans to clean up London’s air.  Coinciding with the 60th Anniversary of the UK’s Clean Air Act, Khan’s plans include a T-Charge by 2017, expansion of the Ultra Low Emissions Zones, and a faster role out of cleaner buses.
Commenting on the plans SERA Co-Chairs, Melanie Smallman and Jake Sumner, said:

“Despite the thousands of premature deaths from air pollution, for too long air quality has been ignored. No longer. We are seeing strong leadership from Labour Mayor, Sadiq Khan. He’s made air quality a key priority of his administration and this is being backed by decisive action. This leadership should be replicated across the country with administrations given more powers to act and making air quality a priority for action. We are campaigning for a new Clean Air Act for the 21st Century as the London Mayor is championing.”

Melanie Smallman added: “SERA has long campaigned on air quality includingrunning a successful campaign to stop the government abandoning the National Air Quality Monitoring Network three years ago . We’re proud to have joined with other organisations in helping action on air pollution be a central part of the Mayor’s agenda and we will be working with the Mayor to help ensure his ambitious and necessary plans are implemented.”

Jake Sumner added: “Sadiq Khan’s has outlined an inspiring vision to clean London’s air. We need to see lower polluting buildings and businesses, stop vehicles chugging out fumes and pollution each day, improve public transport, plant more trees and give more powers to administrations to act. Given Brexit appears to be taking away the powers we have to force governments to act, we need a new Clean Air Act as well as leadership like we are seeing in London.”

Details of the London Mayor’s plans are available here.

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