Clean TEA (Transport, Energy & Air) and driving the green economy

12:50, Saturday 9th February

Labour Local Government Conference

University of Warwick, Coventry

**You must have a ticket to Labour LGA Conference to attend this event**

Join SERA and Pivot Power at Labour Local Government Conference to discuss how local Labour government can clean our toxic air through clean transport and energy, and use the opportunity to support jobs and green growth. 

Speakers to include: 

Cllr Judith Blake - Leader of Leeds City Council
Cllr Christopher Hammond - Leader of Southampton City Council
Cllr Tom Hayes - Environment lead at Oxford City council
Polly Billington - SERA - Labour's Environment Campaign
Matt Allen - CEO, Pivot Power 

A green revolution in transport and energy is necessary, achievable and hugely beneficial, including helping to clean toxic air in towns and cities that is one of the biggest threats to public health in the UK, behind only cancer, obesity and heart disease. Clean energy and transport are also green engines of a sustainable, low carbon economy that can support jobs and green growth in communities.

Labour local authorities from Southampton and Leeds to Oxford and London are taking action on clean air, despite the Government failing to give the additional funding or powers that councils need. Greater Manchester has agreed a target of net zero carbon by 2038 and Bristol to be carbon neutral by 2030 while many areas are agreeing local industry strategies to support economic growth which should underpin green growth.

Pivot Power are kindly supporting this event. Pivot Power is developing a world-first national network of grid-scale batteries to support the UK transition to a cost-effective, flexible, low-carbon energy system and enable rapid electric vehicle (“EV”) charging to accelerate the adoption of clean transport.  With a pipeline of 2.25 GW of grid-scale battery storage assets across 45 strategic locations, this portfolio will offer significant benefits towards the shift to a more flexible energy system

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