Europe is integral to environmental policy, reports David Schoibl

David Schoibl of the Labour Movement for Europe reports on the joint LME-SERA event held in Parliament in November. Continue reading

Energy, Environment and Europe. Why working together makes sense.

Join us at our joint event with Labour Movement for Europe next week on the need for co-operation in Europe on environmental and energy issues. Continue reading

SERA Launches ‘Power Book’ at Labour Conference

SERA, along with the Co-operative Party, the Local Government Information Unit and the Shadow DECC team, last week launched ‘The Power Book’, a new pamphet that looks at the potential of community and cooperatively owned energy. Continue reading

Low Carbon Leicester

Deputy Mayor of Leicester Cllr Rory Palmer sets out how Leicester is on the road to becoming a Low Carbon City. Continue reading

SERA at Labour Party Conference 2012

Following our AGM at the beginning of the month, the new SERA Executive held a successful fringe on Community and Co-operative Energy at the Co-operative Party Annual Conference. As we head back to Manchester next week for Labour Party Conference, we want to let you know about our fringe events there, bringing environmental debate and discussion to the heart of the Labour Party. Continue reading

Power to the People: co-op energy event in Parliament

On 10 July SERA and the Co-operative Party held a joint event to explore co-operative and community energy. Here Ash McGregor of the Socialist Societies Executive reports on the meeting. Continue reading

Oxfam’s Sarah Best: The Challenge for Rio

From our Rio+20 pamphlet published earlier this month ahead of the Conference, Oxfam GB's Sarah Best set out the challenge for Rio and introduces 'doughnut economics' - living within the Earth's planetary and social boundaries. You can read Oxfam GB's response to the summit here. Continue reading

Event: Co-operative and community energy: Purchasing and Providing – the dream ticket

It is an exciting and challenging time for co-operative and community energy generation and purchasing. Continue reading

Richard Howitt MEP: With big business comes big responsibilities – Corporate Reporting

At the Rio+20 talks last week, the UK Government announced plans to implement Labour's framework on carbon reporting. In the latest of our Rio+20 essays from our new pamphlet, Richard Howitt MEP considers the responsibilities of business in sustainable development. Continue reading

Linda McAvan MEP: The road to Rio – what can the European Union bring to the table?

As Rio+20 closes, the next essay from our new pamphlet by leading Labour politicians on sustainable development is by Linda McAvan MEP, considering the European dimension to the issues.  Continue reading

Ivan Lewis MP: A new covenant for International Development

In our next essay from the Rio+20 pamphlet we published this week, Ivan Lewis MP, Shadow International Development Secretary, sets out the key outcomes the international development movement wants to see at the UN Conference. Continue reading

Caroline Flint MP: Building a Green Economy – a low-carbon plan for jobs and growth

In the second of the essays from our new pamphlet, Rio+20: Our second chance for a sustainable future?, Shadow Energy Secretary Caroline Flint proposes a low-carbon plan for jobs and growth Continue reading