How to take part in the Labour Leadership Elections

The choice of a new leader and deputy leader for the Labour Party is an important decision as not only does it decide who will take Labour forward to victory at the next election, but also the role that environmental issues will play in the future of the Labour Party.

The rules for voting for the Leader have changed recently however. Under one-member-one-vote, you will not get a vote as a SERA member alone. I therefore want to explain to you the three ways in which you can participate in the Labour Leadership election.

  1. Get a vote

To have a vote in the leadership election, you need to either join the Labour Party or become an affiliated or registered supporter’ before 12pm on 12 August 2015

  1. Attend the Socialist Society Hustings

SERA, as one of the Socialist Societies, will be hosting a special Socialist Society Hustings on 26thJuly 2015 in London. Details of how to register a place will be emailed to members today (8th July 2015).

  1. Read the candidates’ statements on our website

This week, we have written to all of the leadership and deputy leadership candidates to ask them how they see the environment fitting into their vision for the future Labour Party and Country. We will be publishing these statements here from 27th July 2015.

This is an important decision for the party, the country and the planet, so please get involved!

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