Delivering an energy market people can trust

The average annual household energy bill has gone up by £300 since David Cameron entered Downing Street. But David Cameron has failed to act. He promised to put everyone on the cheapest tariffs, but he has not delivered.

Britain needs a fairer energy market – one that works for families and businesses, rebuilds trust and delivers investment in new low carbon energy supply.

A One Nation Labour Government will reset the market to restore trust and fairness:

  1. Labour will increase competition and transparency by forcing the energy companies to do three things: separate out the parts of their business that generate energy from the parts that sell to consumers, sell all their energy in an open pool, and introduce a simple new tariff structure.
  2. Labour will abolish Ofgem which has failed to stand up for consumers and replace it with a tough new energy watchdog from January 2017.

But until these reforms kick-in, Labour will put a stop to unfair price rises by freezing energy bills up to January 2017 for people coping with a cost of living crisis.

Why SERA supports Labour’s proposals

Campaigning on Labour’s Energy Price Freeze

Getting the message out about Labour’s energy plans is the #1 action we can all take. We want as many people as possible to see how much they can save. So the Party have built new digital tools to help you campaign on the doorstep, on street stalls and online.

There is now an online petition and an energy calculator that you can use via your mobile phone or iPad while out campaigning to calculate what people would save with Labour.

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