Clean Air Model Motion

Air pollution is causing the premature deaths of 40,000 plus UK citizens at an economic cost of £54 billion. As part of our A Breath of Fresh Air campaign we have produced the following model motion for Constituency Labour Parties. The motion notes the need to tackle the deadly air we breathe today, and concludes that we need a new Clean Air Act for the 21st Century. For more information about A Breath of Fresh Air click here.

This CLP notes:

  • Air pollution is causing the premature deaths of more than 40,000 citizens and an economic cost of £54 billion.
  • It is the number one cause of death from environmental impacts.
  • Air pollution affects the poorest the hardest as they often live near main roads.
  • In the 1950s, as well as giving councils the powers to establish smoke control zones, the Clean Air Act also championed firm action including offering grants so householders could convert their coal-burning fires to smokeless fuel.
  • The UK Government has been taken to the European Court by Client Earth over its failure to act on illegal air pollution levels and the Government has lost its case which means it must now act.
  • However, following the European Referendum there is a question mark against these EU protections and enforcement mechanisms and so specific action must be taken now.
  • This is why a new Clean Air Act is needed and this will become ever more critical to avoid the loss of lives through air pollution. 

This CLP therefore concludes:

We need the same level of commitment to saving people’s lives today, in the form of a new Clean Air Act, to tackle the consequences of air pollution on public health in XXXXX [INSERT CONSTITUENCY] and across the country.

This CLP therefore:

  • Calls on the Labour Party at national level to press for the Government to produce a Clean Air Act for the 21st Century, backing the “Breath of Fresh Air” campaign led by SERA, Labour’s environment campaign.
  • Further calls on the Parliamentary Party to act to protect the environmental legislation that holds the British Government to account through the European Union on air pollution.
  • Calls on XXXXX [INSERT LOCAL COUNCIL NAME] council to contribute to the shaping of Clean Air legislation, to ensure the impacts on public health are taken into account.
  • Resolves to promote the campaign for a Clean Air Act across XXXXXX [INSERT CONSTITUENCY], gaining support for a measure that will extend people’s life expectancy, their quality of life and reduce pressure on our local NHS.


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