Time for a clean energy and clean air revolution

SERA - Labour's Environment Campaign in partnership with VRM Tech and UK100

LOCATION Blundell Street Restaurant, 63-65, Blundell Street. L1 0AJ. Just a few minutes walk from the conference hall
DATE Sunday 23rd September
TIME 17:45 - 19:00

Refreshments provided by UK100

*This event takes place outside the secure zone, and is therefore accessible to all, including those without a conference pass*



  • Chair – Melanie Smallman - SERA Co-Chair
  • Alan Whitehead MP – Shadow Minister, Energy & Climate Change
  • Helen Hayes MP - Vice-Chair APPG Air Pollution
  • Neill Ryan – Chief Executive of VRM Tech
  • Polly Billington – Director of UK100
  • James Thornton – CEO, Client Earth
  • Cllr Christopher Hammond – Leader of Southampton City Council
  • Cllr Tom Hayes - Oxford Council lead on Safer, Greener, Environment

Urgent action is needed across business and from all levels of government to clean up toxic air and decarbonise our energy. The opportunity and benefits of moving to clean energy can help us tackle the dangers of polluted air that contributes to thousands of premature deaths, and a health issue particularly for some of the country’s poorest areas.

We are seeing Labour leadership and action from London to Liverpool. In this year’s local elections, Labour manifestos had bold pledges on air quality and renewables, Labour cities are putting in place policies and practical solutions to tackle air pollution and decarbonise energy, despite the Government failing to give funding or powers that council’s need.

The Government is failing to act, and has been taken to court for not meeting air pollution targets and Ministers have overseen a slump in investment in clean energy. It is time for change, for action and for the UK to benefit from the clean energy revolution.

  • September 23, 2018 at 5:45pm – 7pm
  • Blundell Street Restaurant, Blundell Street, L1 0AJ
  • Phillip

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