Taking On Brexit & The Climate Emergency

SERA - Labour's Environment Campaign and Remain & Reform

LOCATION The Dome Room, Hotel du Vin, Brighton, BN1 1AD. (A four minute walk from the conference centre)
DATE Sunday 22 September
TIME 11:00 - 12:00

Refreshments available

 *This event takes place outside the secure zone, and is therefore accessible to all, including those without a conference pass*



  • Chair - Melanie Smallman - Co-Chair, SERA
  • Hilary Benn MP - Chair, Exiting the EU Select Committee
  • Rosie Duffield MP - Member of Parliament for Canterbury
  • Seb Dance MEP - Deputy Leader, European Parliamentary Labour Group
  • Mike Buckley - Director, Remain & Reform

What will happen to our environment once the UK leaves the EU? 

Brexit casts a daunting question mark over the future of our environment and participation in global efforts in the fight against climate change. At the moment 80% of our environmental regulations come from EU legislation. A bad deal or a no-deal Brexit risks setting us back on all the progress made on environmental protection. Key sectors on the table in any future trade deal are among those with the biggest impact on the environment. 

How will the UK tackle the climate emergency outside of the EU and how will commitments to reduce emissions, tackle pollution and protect wildlife be maintained enforced in Brexit Britain? This event brings together key figures engaged in the fight against Brexit to make the environmental case for Remain and discuss what we can all do to continue fighting for our planet's future in the event of a chaotic no-deal Brexit.

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