Affilate CLP to SERA

When a constituency Labour Party affiliates to SERA they receive the following benefits:

  • Affiliation to SERA affirms a CLPs commitment to environmental and social justice
  • The CLP elects a local member to be the SERA Environment Officer who will act as the point-person between SERA and the CLP.
  • The SERA Rep will have the right to attend and vote at SERA’s AGM
  • The CLP will receive a hard copy and pdf version of SERA’s flagship magazine ‘New Ground’ 2 to 3 times a year
  • The CLP will receive regular updates from SERA on news, views, exclusive events and campaigns
  • The CLP will have the chance to input into SERA’s activity and policy and take a lead role within the constituency
  • There will be opportunities for SERA speakers to attend CLP meetings


By joining SERA as an affiliated CLP you are confirming that you are happy for us to email you regularly with news and other relevant information such as on campaigns and exclusive events. We will keep your information secure and never share your data with any third parties. 























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